GRIT logoThe Gang Resistance and Intervention Team (GRIT)  provides services for the City’s vulnerable 13 to 16 year old population. GRIT offers a direct intervention to the most proven risk adolescents in the City of Lawrence. GRIT works with young people specifically referred by the Lawrence Police Department, the Lawrence Juvenile Court, Juvenile Probation, or the Department of Youth Services. 

  • Tier 1 web     
    Identify - Locate - Engage
    • The GRIT Program targets Lawrence Youth ages 13 to 16 at risk for
      gang involvement 

    • GRIT Referrals are Indentfiied by local law enforcement and
      criminal justice partners

    • SISU Outreach Workers use innovative strategies to Locate and
      Track youth in the community and at the SISU Center

    • The GRIT Program Engages with youth where they are at; whether
      that be at school, on the baskebtall court, at home, or through an
      online gaming platforms

  • Tier 2 web    

    Recreation - Positive Reinforcement 

    • The GRIT Program Partners with Suenos Basketball to provide drop in
      and organized basketball league play

    • The SISU Center Provides provides positive Recreational opportunities
      including a rock climbing wall, video games, a rec room, and field trips. 
    • Participants may earn incentives through the GRIT Positive Reinforcement
      Strategy. Incentives can include gift cards, video games, new sneakers, and
      hair cuts in the SISU Cutz Barber Shop.

    • Breaking Bread is an important Engagement Strategy with all SISU programming.
      GRIT participants receive dinner when onsite for programming at the SISU Center. 
  • Tier3 SEmot
    Social-Emotional Support
    • GRIT Staff  engage with young people throughout the program providing
      modeling and reinforcement

    • GRIT Staff address problem behaviors in the moment and engage
      in conversation while redirecting the young person.

    • The GRIT Program uses restorative justice to address serious problems
      and ensure that all parties receive the appropriate recourse.

    • Mental Health Services and Referrals are available for all participants
      and their families. SISU works with Licensed Mental Health Providers 
      to provide time sensative trauma response services

    • SISU Case Management Staff provide an evidence based
      lifeskills curriculum for all GRIT participants. 
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