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Lawrence Prospera is proud to showcase the many exciting things that are happening at our school and in the community. 

Photo Galleries  (clicking on the link will take you to a Flickr page)

                                                                                                              Quintana Center                YouthBuild              Alternative Youth         PFK Scholarship                                
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Video Gallery  

                  vacant lot            The New Lawrence Prospera and YouthBuild
Web Series

"This Vacant Lot"
                  Lawrence Prospera Executive Director, Ralph Carrer, appears
on Comcast NEWSMAKERS to talk about
the SISU Program. 


On April 22, 2017 Lawrence Prospera partnered with Comcast as a Comcast Cares Day Site. To highlight this partnership, Comcast created a video showcasing the work of some of our young men.
SISU Center Buildout

{jwplayer}{/jwplayer} In July of 2015, members of the Lawrence Youth Team began building a youth center for the hardest to reach young people in Lawrence. We  documented their progress in turning the old Lawrence Plate and Glass into the SISU Center. 

YouthBuild Lawrence has provided transformativeeducation, vocational, and lifeskills programming to opportunity youthfor over twenty-years

{jwplayer}{/jwplayer} In September of 2016, Lawrence Prospera 
installed solar panels on the roofs of several of its buildings in the City. The Solar Panles will be used as both an energy 
source and a teaching tool

{jwplayer}{/jwplayer}On March of, 2016, Lawrence Prospera celebrated the 20th 
anniversary of the opening of the Maria del Pilar Quintana Center. Over 
20 years, thousands of newcomers have gained the knowledge which 
has enabled them to become US Citizens.
 {jwplayer}{/jwplayer} Why We Do What We Do!
On November 3, 2016 YouthBuild Lawrence Cycle 21 Student, Emerald
Vasquez, shared her story at the Annual YouthBuild USA Building Better 
Together Event. 
YouthBuild Lawrence Graduate Rosemary Cabrera talks about the
impact YouthBuild has had on her life. 
Each spring, YouthBuild programs from across the region come 
together to showcase their carpentry skills, network, and compete
on a group building project.