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In just 4 short months with the SISU program, Juan has been able to radically change his life. When he came to the SISU program, Juan had lost all hope. He was facing 3 felony charges and up to five years in the Department of Corrections. The Lawrence Superior Court Judge hearing his case told him he needed to immediately stop all gang activity and change his life. Juan heeded the warning and took the “worst thing that could happen” and used it as an opportunity. Juan found hope at the SISU Center and dove headfirst into bettering himself. He has shown respect and commitment towards the SISU program and his community. Juan was found guilty of all three felonies. At his sentencing hearing, members of the SISU team spoke on his behalf. Juan was given probation, contingent upon his continued work towards changing his life. Juan’s tenacity earned him a coveted Internship to Hire opportunity with the Lawrence Water Department, and he is hoping to turn that into a full time position. Juan is trail blazing through his success plan and truly a testament of what a second chance can do!
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