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PFK3Each year, the Lawrence Family Development Charter School graduates a talented class of 8th graders. 100% of those eighth graders take on the challenge of applying to selective secondary schools with more than 50% earning admission to a path that will allow them to reach for their dreams and realize the full promise of their potential. With 93% of the students’ families at or below the federal poverty level, they need more than good grades and high test scores to accept admission and move forward on a surer path toward higher education and a positive future. Without significant financial assistance to match financial aid offered by high schools these students cannot say “yes” to the admissions they have earned. 

PFK Direct Scholarship Fund

In 2007, upon her retirement as Executive Director/ Superintendent, Lawrence Prospera and Lawrence Family Development Charter School (LFDCS) founder, Patricia Karl, established the PFK Scholarship Funds to support opportunities for LFDCS graduates accepted for admission at private secondary schools.

The PFK Direct Scholarship Fund raises scholarship dollars in many different ways. The Fund benefits from partnerships with Yankee Candle and Central Catholic High School. LFDCS students at all levels were able to contribute again this year through several unique events. 

PFK Scholarship Endowment Fund

To help maintain our committment to excellence, Lawrence Prospera established the PFK Endowment Fund. The initial goal of the PFK Scholarship Endowment Fund is to raise one million dollars over ten years—$100,000 each year in corporate, individual and foundation contributions. Gifts of all sizes helped build this fund. 

In 2018, the PFK Scholarship Endowment Fund hit its goal of one million dollars. Funds are held at ECCF, the Essex County Community Foundation and invested creating an endowment for perpetuity—ensuring scholarship support for students not yet born. The Endowment Fund can only cover so much, and each year the PFK Scholarhsip fund continues to raise money to support the newest class of graduates. 

Lawrence Prospera remains committed to supporting graduates throughout their 4 years of high school. Twenty-five or more graduates need $2,000-$4,000 for each year of high school or $8,000-$16,000 set aside in scholarships to ensure not only that they can enroll but also that they can remain at that school until they graduate. 
An average of $10,000 for students or $250,000 is the real need of annual scholarships at Lawrence Family Development Charter School.

For more information about the PFK Scholarship Fund please click here or donate now

PFK Scholarship recipients currently attend, or will be attending, the following schools:

Berkshire School colllage final Fryeburg Academy
Presentation of Mary Academy The Cambridge School of Weston
White Mountain School  Bradford Christian Academy
Central Catholic High School Foxcroft Academy
Maine Central Institute Miss Hall's School 
Northfield Mount Hermon Phillips Exeter Academy
Pingree School St. John's Prep School 
Tabor Academy   Wilton High School
St. Mark's School Glastonbury High School
Brewster The Winchendon School




Gifts of stocks, estate, insurance benefits and bequests will be deeply appreciated. 

Donations can be made online and through this website. For more information, contact Paul Heithaus, Director of Program Development, at 978-224-8808, ext. 120, or e-mail him at .